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How Your Child Can Excel and Score 'A' Grades in 2021 Without Spending Thousands On Tuition...
... By Using The P.U.M.A Method That Unlocks Your Child's Full Potential!

Dr. Christina Has Helped Over 3,781 Students
Get Into Top Universities in Medicine, Law & Finance.
Dr. Christina Has Helped Over 3,781 Students Get into Top Universities in Medicine, Law & Finance.
How To Master Any Subject in Just 7 Days With Our Masterclass
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This Course Changed My DAUGHTER Forever!
“ She has always been very lazy, and she hates school. But In 3 weeks time, she become motivated and would revise on her own! Thank you Dr Christina. "

- Andres, Dad of Chelsea

Equip Your Child With 3 Study Hacks That Will Give Them A Winning Advantage in Exams

(That School doesn't teach!)

Study Hack #1:
The P.U.M.A System 

Learn Proven step-by-step shortcuts used by top 1% students all over the world to score A grades by working smarter and not harder.
Study Hack #2:
Activate Your Superbrain

Learn powerful memory techniques that will let you retain information 1341% faster. Works even for heavy subjects like Biology, Literature, History, Essay Writing and more!
Study Hack #3:
Exams Mastery

How to become unstoppable and naturally enter a relaxed state of peak performance while your peers are stressing out and making careless mistakes during exams.

Secure Your Child's Dream Grades That Will Open Their Doors To Many Opportunities in Life! (works even for students currently with C or D grades)
Hear FROM our
I remembered how my dad and mum teared when they saw me holding my dream first-class honour certificate during graduation finally. Thank you Christina for making this possible!

- Sarah, First-Class Honour Student
I'm very happy that Dr Christina came out with such easy to understand online tools for my son to learn from the conveninece of our home. Thank you for helping my son enjoy learning! 

- Amelia, Mum of Tsung Bong
Graduating together as top students has made our university life beautiful. Now, we look forward to new opportunities in life together!

- Joshua, Cambridge University
Almost broke out in tears when my daughter came back with an A grade for her P5 English papers. Year after year, Christina never fail to guide Priscilla passionately with proven results.

- Chelsea, Mum of Priscilla
 Prior to learning from 10X Study Masterclass, I have spent over $3500 attending all kinds of tuition but was still stuck with C grades. Christina's study hacks got me an A grade :)

- Chris Tan, Hwa Chong Institution
In school, I don't like learning because my teacher is soooo boring. Miss Christina not only is fun, but also very easy  to understand learning what she taught. I look forward to doing my mum proud!

- Ravi, Primary 4 Student
Doctor (MBBS, BSc), Imperial College Double-Degree
"Can a student really improve from D to A grade in just 3 months?", that's what parents and students ask me every week.

Look, I totally feel you! Back in my school days, I was actually the worst performing kid in my class. Despite spending thousands on all kinds of tuition classes, I still failed horribly in my subjects...

“I felt like a FAILURE and wanted to give up on my studies altogether…”

Luckily, a mentor I met taught me study hacks that allowed me to quickly rose from being the bottom in class to becoming the top student with straight 'A' grades.

"Unbelievable!", I thought. These study hacks were so practical and easy to apply in my daily life.
"OVER 3,781 "
Not only did I get into my dream career as a doctor, I was also invited to speak internationally and share my study hacks knowledge with top institutions all around the world such as Imperial College and King Edwards VI Camphill School. 

It touches my heart to see students transform from being not confident to scoring A grades, and chasing after their dream life... It became my mission to share these life-changing studying techniques with even more students worldwide. I look forward to seeing you soon! 

In just 3 weeks, scored Triple 'A' grades for exams!

Sharon Improved by 42 marks in just 1 month!

Jonathan Becomes Confident in 2 Months!

" Christina is a life-changing mentor to me"

"Christina completely reframed my mindset and turned me into a much better version of myself. I highly recommend her!"

"Thanks to Christina I achieved my dream grades in college! She's fun, a great teacher and makes me want to do better in life! "

Modules Overview

Here’s What Your Child Will Learn:

Module 1:

Baseline review of your child’s current strengths and weaknesses with our Studying Diagnostic Kit.

This is where we have pinpoint exactly what is holding your child back from excelling in exams so he can focus on improving it.

Module 2:

Learn the Productivity Tips of the top performing 1% of students.
All students have 24 hours a day… but how much we get out of our study sessions make the crucial difference in securing top grades!

Module 3:

Poor planning for revision have a dramatic impact on exam performance. Learn the most common mistakes students make when studying and how you can replace them with time efficient and academically proven study techniques that work!

Module 4:

We dispel the myth of poor memory and teach students our unique memory system that will allow students to organise, memorise, retain and recall information at the tip of their fingers so they can ace their exams with confidence.

Module 5:

With the foundation in place, we teach students our P.U.M.A framework and demonstrate how you can apply it for their revision for subjects like Biology and Essay Writing (Humanities)

Module 6:

End of Year Exams are the most stressful part of any student’s journey…
Learn how you can tackle it with confidence with our guide on how you should study before exams, how you can do well in them and performance tips and techniques, tips & secrets by students who have achieved top grades in their subjects.

Bonus Modules:

Getting good grades is more than just studying hard!
In our bonus training, we cover the crucial topics of rest, sleep and nutrition and provide a holistic and proven way to boost your child’s academic performance that most other students do not focus on.

We also include Daily Memory Training Exercises to strengthen your visual memory that will boost your recall capability for exams dramatically.

Here's A Summary of Everything You Can Give Your Child...

(In case you scrolled all the way down)

  Do you want the FASTEST way for your child to score A grades for exams and save thousands of dollars on ineffective tuition?

    Would you want a proven shortcut to save over 600 hours of time figuring out how to score better grades for your exams, so that your child have more time and freedom to spend with your family?

  Would you like a reliable, fun and friendly mentor to support your child and bring them to greater heights in life?

  Most importantly... do you want your child to gain a strong mindset that will allow them to stay motivated for the rest of their life anytime  they want?

  Are you ready for your child to unlock more doors of opportunities in life so that you can see them succeed finally?

If your answer to any of the above is a YES...

SIGN UP For My Masterclass and I will see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is the course suitable?
The course is suitable for all students looking to improve their results by learning how to work smarter.
We teach the study systems and techniques of the top 1% of students so students can apply them in their own daily life.
How do I know these techniques work?
Dr Christina has taught this study system to her students who have gone on to achieve dramatic improvements in their results.

Her students have gone on to receive offers in law, medicine, engineering and more at top ranked Universities around the world.
Where can I learn more about Dr Christina?
You can find out more about out here at
What does the course cover?
It will allow you to study faster and more effectively and retain more information.

We do this by:

1) Helping students achieve more out of their study sessions

2) Memorise & retain more information out of those study sessions

For a quick video summary, you can watch this short welcome video from our Course Instructor.
What is the course delivery format?
The course consists of pre-recorded video lectures, exercises and a course workbook to track the student’s progress.
How long do I have access to the course?
You can access it anytime.
Students will also receive all future updates to the course free of charge.
How does the money back guarantee work?
Simply complete all the course materials and workbook.
If you don’t find that you have learned anything useful that can help you with your studies, just drop us an email!
Will it work for Biology / Math / English etc?
Yes! The course applies to all subjects.
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